BlackRock's Economic Forecast

The BlackRock economic forecast for the United States in general and the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area (“GHMA”) in particular, remains positive. 

Driven by a pro-business administration, it appears that business deregulation efforts, substantially lower corporate tax rates and the repatriation of overseas capital and manufacturing facilities will position the national economy to achieve its strongest economic growth rates since World War II.

Locally in the GHMA, due to rising oil prices, strong employment opportunities, family-friendly communities and a pro-business culture, the GHMA boasts one of the largest and most rapidly expanding economies in the United States, sending population growth levels to record highs and further increasing the demand for residential, commercial and municipal real estate assets. 

The state of Texas continues to be the fastest growing population in the country, adding “more than 1,000 people per day” according to the Austin American Statesman, with a population tally as of July 2016 coming in at an estimated 27.8 million people, second only to California.